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New Structures

Building from the ground up, we use only the straightest lumber and the best finishers. Our guys know we don't cut corners and you know that Good Boy Builders is building it right because we keep you updated through every step of the process.


Major transformations that are stunning. We don't just make changes, we make perfect lines and crisp corners so that your new look is awesome.


Good Boy Builders can bring your business vision to life. Let our professional team plan and manage your project from beginning to end. Plazas, restaurants, retail, and storage facilities are just a few examples of what we build.


About Us

Growing up in a construction family sometimes means learning trades at a young age. It was a different time back when I was a kid. I would go with my dad to work, helping by puttying baseboards, running for tools, and sometimes just playing in dirt still piled next to the new homes. I loved it! I thought I was really helping. My brother, Travis, and I were always curious and bent on learning how to build things and worked every summer in construction. With our grandpa, uncle, and cousins all owning construction companies, there was no limit to the amount of practice we could get on virtually any trade. We even worked for free sometimes just for that trade knowledge.
Both having graduated from Rincon High School and the UofA, Travis and I are proud Tucson locals always looking for ways to be a part of the community and make a positive impact in our hometown. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation, or call me directly to discuss your project or idea.
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To apply for a job with Good Boy Builders, please send your resume to: david@goodboybuilders.com